Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Costumes Ideas 2012- What Does Celeb Couples Wear at Halloween

If you ask me why I hold a keen passion on Halloween, the answer may not be difficult to understand. Halloween is the only legal season when I can dress up with exaggerated costumes and make up myself as zombie, vampire and anything I like to go to the street without any worrisome. While the problem is that choosing the suitable Halloween costumes may be a troublesome issue. For the couples, picking suitable couples’ Halloween costumes may be double difficult. But have you ever thought to follow the guidelines of celeb couples. You know, various superstars would like to show off their Halloween costumes on their facebook and twitter. Today we will keep on with the topic. celeb-halloween-costumes 
Mariah Carey & Nicki Cannon Wears Angel Costumes
 Mariah Carey and her husband Nicki Cannon spotted in the Halloween party with the cute pink angel costumes. Mariah’s white corset perfectly show her curve, matching her husband’s flawless suit perfectly. Furthermore, the wings at the back are really pretty.
Beyonce & Jay-z
 During a Halloween party held for members of the Coyotes, Bissonnette posted a photo of a costumed Raffi Torres, along Torres's wife, to his followers on Twitter. Torres was dressed as Jay-Z and his wife as Beyonce Knowles. Both of them were in blackface.
Rihanna & Chris Brown The famous lovers Rihanna & Chris Brown adopt simple make up at the Halloween party.
Last year, Chris pick a ugly green costumes which make him like a ET. But this year, he show off his fit body and tattoo on the bust. Rihanna follow his boyfriend, take bold color painting. chris-brown-halloween-costumes rihanna-where-have-you-been
Kanye West & Kim Kardashian
 Kim kardashian began her dating with kanye west several months ago. This year, they couldn’t wait to show their match outfit. Kim kardashian dress up like a leopard woman ,which shows timeless femininity and sexy sense. Kanye west, put on a leopard print jacket, which is cool.
Christina and her ex-husband Dress Up Like Zombies 

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