Thursday, May 16, 2013

2013 Trendy Hairstyles with Various Bangs

As we all know, the first lady Michelle Obama sparked a 2013 national bang revolution when she cut her bangs on her birthday in January. And even beyond our imagination, large numbers of followers around the world were inspired by her trendsetting hairstyle. For classic hairstyles, the bangs come back to women’s eye-shot once again in 2013. Whenever we want to make a new hairstyle, the bangs plays an important role in the process. Meanwhile, bangs could make a new look to highlight the features of persons. Certainly , whether bangs fit to you, it depends on your face shape.

Straight neat bangs

The straight bangs are more common and can match to a variety of hairstyles. The character of straight bangs is they can cover your forehead, and attract people’s attention to your jaw and lips. Certainly, if your forehead is big, straight bangs will make it look smaller. For the length of your bangs , it commonly has no strict limit.

Short bangs

Short bangs are classic items ,ever known as Audrey Hepburn’s bangs. From all the time, many women rush to follow. The short bangs gives a feeling of spirit and cute. If making small angles with straight hairstyles, you will be the unique.

The side-angle bangs

If you would like to appear elegant and charming, the side-angled bangs will be a good choice as long as making full use of brush and gel to style the bang. To be believe, you will have a overall new look once taking the bangs.

 What’s more, there are many other classic hairstyles bangs to select. It is reported that the newly introduces the 2013 Classic Hairstyle Bangs, which even lead to a heated discussion on YouTube. If you plan to make a new hairstyle, just refer to it.

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