Sunday, May 12, 2013

Top Fashion Sunglasses To Sport This Summer

Last summer I  wore a pair of cool sunglasses and almost every friends admired them. But what a pity, I broke my favorite glasses  just last Saturday.Now I  have meant to get another pair of sunglasses for this summer.I figured I might as well choose all-wave glasses.In order to doing so, I have tracked some fashion trends for 2013, which is seeing diverse distinct sunglasses for summer.Some excellent pairs are as follows:
The shades feature gradient lenses in a feminine color, and the multicolored frames have a bit of wood grain look, natural  and  gorgerous.
Floral  frames and dark green lenses make these glasses even more reminiscent of a garden.
These sunglasses are from Warby Parker's 1922 collection, which are now still  attractive to  those who obsessed  with  small frame.

Round frame glasses are no longer just for Harry Porter.Lightweight wire frame with transparent lenses are on-trend now. 

Sunglasses decorated with relief design of gilded roses and foliage are very  elegant.I f you  would like one pair to look feminine,  these glasses are good recommendation. 

Colorful round frames look classic and quirky.Once putting on the remarkable pair you will look individual and intelligent.

Wavy  glasses frame colored with  ombre wine red make you fashionable and elegant.We could attend  any party with the all-out eyewear.

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  1. I love the frame of these sunglasses it reminded me of the New Ray-Ban Wayfarer Ice-Pop design.


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