Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How To Protect Hair This Summer

So happy with the coming summer, that is to say, it’s time for beach parties, cookouts, swimming, beautiful summer clothes. But there is a down side behind the fun activities: Salt water, chlorine, oily hair, scorching sun, sweltering humidity and etc. Subjecting hair to the damaged environment, our summer fun will be ruined. But the summer could be a time to rejuvenate not only our body but also our hair as long as protecting our hair from the destructive factors as follows I have sorted out.

Avoid Leaving Hair Open . Try hair in gentle up-dos and stylish braids or other different hair styles.
Use Sunscreen. Before leaving home, do not forget to put sunscreen in bags. It will provide reliable care for your hair. What’s more, dry hair oils could shine your hair , protect them from damage. Last but not least , it will retains color and styles.

Proper Diet and Drink Enough Water. We will lose much water in summer, proper diet, including fruits and vegetables, fish, lean meat and dairy, replenishes the hair with vitamins. Certainly, if we drink more , our cells are hydrated and in turn our hair has enough moisture not so dry and oily. ,As a result, you can make sure your hair stays cool cute and healthy.

Hair Care When Swimming. The salt water and chlorine will damage hair as well as skin. We can follow the steps below to protect the hair.1. Wet hair liberally before swimming, so as to it absorbs less chlorinated water. 2.Have a shower after swimming. To be frank, if wearing a swimming cap, it will realize the same purpose.

Scarves or Hat
Another cute summer hair care option is the scarf or hat trend that’s showing up in multiple ways. You can either cover your entire head with a wrapped scarf or wear a hat with wide brim. Any of these Accessories not only protects your hair from drying out, and from overheating, but also emphasize your individual style.

How to Wash
Wash your hair right after swimming or heat sun exposure or much more sweat. It is not recommended to wash hair twice in succession, as often recommended by shampoo manufacturers. The first shampoo will wash your hair and the second will strip your hair of its nutrients. By repeating, you can irritate your scalp and overly dry your hair. However, a long rinsing with water is a good habit, even if you are in a hurry.


  1. Great write up Lisa. saw you visited my site. thanks babe! im now following your blog. hope you do same.
    Great blog you got here.

  2. Thanks for this. I do swim a lot. ^ ^,

    And for my upcoming wedding I need my skin and hair healthy.
    Its so hard to get of my uneven skintone from my sunburn though.
    My arms and legs are still darker. :(

    I'm a new follower. Hope you can follow my blog too.


  3. Fab tips on this post! I'm rubbish at looking after my hair, so I'll have to take some pointers from you! Lovely blog as well!


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