Friday, May 31, 2013

Hottest Reserve Ombre Hair for 2013 --- Ombre hairstyles, Reserve Ombre hairstyles

Do you know reserve ombre hair? Perhaps we are familiar with ombre hair but a little strange to reserve ombre hair.I know about it via a press titled Rpgshow Invites Customers to Fully Appreciate the Hottest Reverse Ombre Hair and can't wait to share it with you guys. Reserve ombre hair  commonly refers to hair with  lighter roots (usually gold) and darker ends, just contrary to the ombre hair.

What's your thoughts, do you want to have a try? The color may bring a coloring disaster to the traditional hair colors in the near future.Frankly, I haven't decided to have a change yet. But who knows if  the reserve ombre hair color change the fashion world over one night.


  1. I remember people have a subtle version of this in primary school! Personally I prefer normal ombré

    Jodie xo
    What Would Audrey Wear?

  2. i love classic ombre hair:)
    thank u for visiting my blog, i follow u on BLG and i hope u follow me back on GFC, BLG and FB :))

  3. This is a really cool look but I think my hair is to sensitive for such a colouring ...

    And I´m really happy that I follow you now!

    xx from Bavaria, Rena

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