Friday, April 19, 2013

DIY---I Am The Fashion

Do you like some innovative things? Have you ever tried to study little things  by yourself?Frankly,  It is Yes for me.I like DIY, and I am always browse some DIYs  online.In my opinion, it is a better way to create life as  our own ideas  .Moreover, we could protect the  environment by recycling  the waste . Since such many benefits, why don't  we  do ?

This is a pair of  woolen shoes, a light flower with each shoe . Beautiful like this , it may comfortable to put on . 

Do you guess what it is?Yes, celery.
We should have thought that celery is just used to eat , we  know that they also can make beautiful  designs till now.

How cute it is ! The little dog is made of wool  as body and 2 black buttons as eyes.

The beautiful flower is made by colored packing string.

Waste plastic bottles consists of  the Smart flowerpot  .

Sticks and bean-pods are made into a vivid dragonfly.

These are decorating cobble with various images.

Avatar?!   Such  a  lovely  baby.Its  hat wove by wool totally.

All angry birds can be made by decorated balloon.

Make full use of old tennis ball ,  and hang pens, paper , keys and so on , lovely and convenience.

Browsing  so many creative pictures , do you can't wait to DIY? Come on ,  let's  turn  our ideas  into reality.

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