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Margaret Thatcher : Heading fashion hairstyle

Margaret Thatcher interview on her last days as Prime Minister -

  Margaret Hilda Thatcher, Baroness Thatcher ,born in Grantham Lincolnshire in England. She was the first female leader of conservative party and the first PM in England history. Unluckily, she died at her 87s on April 8th , in 2013. As we all know, she was an icon lady in politics. Furthermore, she became famous icon in fashion. Especially, her helmet-like hairstyle left an deep impression on us.

Because of the strong style, Mrs. Thatcher Mrs. Thatcher dubbed the "iron lady". She was strong and firm inferior to male politicians, and she loved fashion the same to all women all over the world. Her hair was almost never changed, always helmets style, hale and hearty. When Thatcher was young, he kept short hair, with a full forehead and brow, revealed a firm conviction. This is clearly is very similar to her style. Hair right curly slightly made her image be clear and very attractive. Her hairstyle is almost as classic style in female politicians.

Female leaders in other country

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gilad   BOB Hairstyle

     As early as in 2008, Kevin Rudd was voted for the second sexiest woman by readers of a prominent  Australian magazine , and her charm is not lost to supermodels. The overall shape of Julia Gilad is very capable, and dynamic Bob hairstyle with classic black and white suit made her match the politician's identity. However, brown hair endue her more feminine.

Argentine President Cristina     The waves roll

      Christina's dress is even brighter than Hollywood stars: long brown curly hair, well-designed makeup, expensive luxury clothing and jewelry...... Although over fifty years old, but she is still charming. Since Christina took office, "CFK wave" heads the fashion field. CFK is short for the president's name, and also has become synonymous with Argentina's women's fashion. Her classic waves that many female admirers to learn. She ranked the thirteenth on " hundreds of the most global powerful women" ranking list of "Forbes" magazine.

 Ukraine  former Prime Minister :   Yulia Timoshenko         Braided coiling hair

      At the age of 36, Yulia became involved in politics, from members to the deputy prime minister.The  female prime minister left deep impression to the people with the sweet face and famous hair. Yulia's hair ever was dark,  but after the "Orange Revolution" , her hair seemed to have undergone a revolution, she began to make hair coiled on the head, and the hair color eventually become a golden yellow with Ukraine national style. 

Danish  Queen :       Margrethe II         Bun 

     In the Danish history ,  Margrethe II takes a prominent position in Margaret S. She is the first ruling queen of Denmark,  and the first artist with full of wit on Danish King throne.  She has a unique charm because of the congregation of  supreme status , versatile temperament and amiable attitude .

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