Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hair Color: Women’s Personality

    Be on the lookout for an increased demand in fashion hair color ! It is easy to find that the following 5 hair colors are becoming main trend, black, brunette, red, blonde and pink. In the age, people tend to change their hair color, but whether what color they have chosen is related to their personality? As the survey shows, it is partly true. Sometimes, we could judge someone based on hair color.

Black hair color

If one wears black hair, we may be aware that he/she is dependable, simple and prudent.

Brunette hair color


Usually , we consider it to be fashioned , tempered and intelligent. More importantly, over half of informants say brunette hair is more attractive.

Red hair color


Naturally, red hair seems to be more irritable ,although no study shows red color represents hot temple. However, redhead remains a high demand indeed.

 Blonde hair color

Blonde hair color tends to be considered fickle , flighty, sexy but outgoing.

Pink hair color

   The pink is non-mainstream color, it makes us feel so cute and bardian but not mature.

   To be frank, hair color does not have definite correlation to one’s character. It just makes people think it to be. In the modern age, individual character is fashion.

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