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Fashion Created By Female -- Female Figures On Time 100

Time 100 is an annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world, as assembled by the American magazine Time.The first published list was in 1999 among academics, politicians, and journalists.Now it becomes an annual event.  Although people listed on Time 100 wont win anything, it represents an  honor, and at the same time an ability to change or influence the world and life. No difficult to find that many female figures stood on the list , which shows that the female are as capable as  the male.

Obama’s adviser--Valerie Jarrett
She is Obama's friend and  strategic adviser , good at working under great pressure. She has firm faith and courage and the most prominent is she has the quality of loyalty.

Storyteller--Shonda Rhimes  
She is a storyteller of our time.She told us all about failure and fear, loneliness and death, victory and joy.

 Facebook  COO--Sheryl Sandberg 
She is a famous CEO at well-known social networking site , Facebook.

President of south krea --Park Geun-hye  
As the president of a nation, she has to undertake the task to bring hope and happiness to Korean people.

Jurist to watch--Kamala Harris  
Grew up in the American civil rights movement, now she will lead people to struggle for equality.

Govenor of new Mexio --Susana Martinez  
Now, she acts as governor of  New Mexio.

 Actor--Jennifer Lawrence
She is only 22 years old , and more successful among her  
 Singer-- Aguilera
Christina, her voice will be transmitted to the whole world.

 Comedian and creator--Mindy Kaling 
 Tastemaker --Jenna Lyons
Fashion maker will her suitable appellation.

  Novelist --Hilary Mantel
She is one of the skilled novelists in UK, and she is full of wise and genius.

Yahoo CEO--Marissa Mayer  
She is one of  the most influential female CEO in the world. And  she is a pioneer in the field, encouraging women  all around the world.

She works to defend the human rights for Indians.

Enterpreneur-- Roya Mahboob   

Oncologist--  Blackwell
As it were, 
Kimberly is antagonist  to Cancer .
 Activist--Malala Yousafzai  
She is a young girl who aged only 15 to defend rights.

Actor director producer -- Lena Dunham  
China's first lady--Peng Liyuan  
After Xi was elected for president, she  launched a charming  visit with "made in China" for Russia and Africa.

Actress, Singer and  Philanthroopist --Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde  
Alpine ski race--Lindsey Vonn  
 Advocate--Gabrielle Giffords 

Over popular singer, everything she did can have wide influence.

Duchess--Kate Middleton  
From civilian to princess consort , Kate drew enough attention.

Michelle Obama
As American first lady, she understand how to be a public figure and also take her family into account.

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