Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ombre Hairstyles : Never Go Out of The Fashion

Ombre hair is a mixed-up coloring effect with lighter hair tips on the bottom of dark hair.These days , I fall deep love into Ombre hair.Check out the photo above, we can find that blonde hair tips are in sharp contrast to the chocolate  top hair. Is it perfect?Whether you can't resist your impulse like me? Wait for a while, let's browse some other dip-dyes.

long brunette ombre hair

Enliven your hair with subtle highlights at the ends and outer layers. Do you think mixed color seems little amusing?Just relax. Lighten brunette hair with a glamorous wave make appears  you appear fashion-forward.

bright and beautiful wavy ombre hair
I adore the long  wavy  hair with bright blonde ends, intelligent and generous.The care-free messy curls  trace   the fashion trend closely.

kim kardashian ombre hairstyle

We think Kim keeps up with the classic ombre hair trend. Brown hair with bright parted layered  fringe , how  fashionable!

long straight ombre ponytail hairstyle

Why not add sun-kissed tips to long black hair  ? Perhaps, blonde-dyed hair may realize the effect while new hair grows out.But it can't reach what we want. High ponytail with  highlights never fall behind .

glossy hues with  blonde ombre bob

Short bob tends to lead the fashion hairstyles, especially dip-dyed .More and more celebs have their long hair cut into smooth short. Doesn't  it appear experienced?Bright tones in silver dyed bob wont't go out of fashion.

wine red ombre curl hair

Be fashion-forward as you step in the dip-dye phenomenon. We adore her wine red tips ,adding big messy curls.

haircut with long bangs ombre hairstyles
Ombre crop haircut with long slicked back bangs hairstyle will be hot choice in the future.It flatter your figure  and  highlight your facial features.

pink purple ombre hairstyle

She picks up the different colours in her hair and make the most of the silver roots, pink mid-lengths an dark purple tips.Please trust that out with  this ombre hairstyle, you will be the center of attention.

mermaid ombre hairstyle
Never consider to try so colorful hair yet? Indeed,  the hair color is a big challenging to the normal. However,  blue roots plus green wavy tips  are excellent match .You might as well have a try.

There’s no doubt that many ombre hair can be a little challenging and both all of you ,and me,don't have enough courage to follow with . But we have to commit that natural hairs with  a few graduated colored strands are definitely gorgeous!

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  1. nice post! ombre is still in and this look is chic <3


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